Hello, and welcome to the blog of The Riverwest Brothers Local Screen Printing Concern!

Out of a basement workshop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s vibrant Riverwest neighborhood we run a small-scale screen printing outfit with a commitment to minimizing our impact. How does this commitment manifest itself in practice?:

We use only drain-friendly citrus and soy based solvents.

We print using water based inks.

We set up our shop with materials that are nearly all begged, borrowed, or built, including second-hand folding tables, tools, and supplies, and hand built screen racks.

We use recycled and upcycled packing materials, including thank you notes on vintage post cards and stationary, tees wrapped in recycled tissue paper, and a vintage trading card with every order!

All of our designs are printed on either upcycled or sweatshop-free American Apparel tees.

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